“Empowering Women to Create a Better Future” WOMAN EXPO IN TOKYO 2019 

Janat in collaboration with Nikkei and Femme Du Monde invited 2000 Japanese women to write and share their wishes for women working in Sri Lanka tea plantations as a token of appreciation for all their efforts to build a sustainable world. These message cards are a reminder to the world that women can improve their lives and future by creating a value for themselves and communities. 

Femme du Monde Foundation also shared a valuable message from “The success of International Space Station project by the UAE”. The first UAE astronaut project was active at the International Space Station. The key to its success was that women were playing a pivotal role in UAE’s space sector, working on several projects that have set history for the nation. . Their milestone projects consist of a high women employment rate, including 70 per cent in UAE’s Astronaut Programme and 34 per cent in the Hope Mars Mission. 

This is an example of great women’s empowerment and beautiful leadership of a nation that celebrate 50 years anniversary of establishing.“ Women’s mission is to do what men can’t do and not contribute better to humanity by being at the front line to face big challenges » added Ms Machiko Gozen in her « sky is not the limit «  speech of opening