Anjana 48 years old

‘Picking quality tea everyday brought dignity and hope to my family. I am more than thankful for training I received.’

Sachee, 28 years old

‘Thanks to Femmes du Monde, I could find job as tea taster and export manager, a job that a few women do until now.’

Chandaka, 34 years old

‘More than a stable income, empowering a new generation of young Sri Lankan woman is more powerful and unvaluable for us, previous generations. I now foresee a better future for my daughters.’

Saarah , 32 years old

‘I could deliver my child and find my job back later at the tea factory, thanks to training I got in tea cleaning. Many thanks for Femmes du MONDE.’

Laka, 52 years old

‘Femmes du MONDE has helped me to get a better education, training and grow skills that allows me to decent job and income for my family.’